Ashley Halas Photography LLC | 5 Reasons to Consider an Outdoor Winter Photo Session & What to Wear

5 Reasons to Consider an Outdoor Winter Photo Session & What to Wear

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Why to Book an Outdoor Winter / Snow Photo Session and What to Wear

Winter photo sessions are so unique and romantic! Just think about it, anytime it snows it typically results in a day spent indoors, staying warm and cozy with those we love most. So why not bring all that love and warmth outdoors and capture the beauty of the freshly fallen snow around you? Layers, patterns, mittens, scarves, and boots are adorable accessories that stand out with character.

5 Reasons to Book a Winter / Snow Photo Session

1. Unique Scene  

A world covered in white isn’t something we see all too often and once it’s here doesn’t last more than a few days. This fleeting beautiful scene adds that something different to your portrait session that will certainly provide you with some of the most unique photographs.

Snowy Photo Session New Jersey Portrait Photographer Ashley Halas Photography Snowy Photo Session New Jersey Portrait Photographer Ashley Halas Photography

2. Not a Cold or Miserable Experience

Many people don’t even consider outdoor photo session as an option during the winter months because they think of a frozen experience that will leave them and their loved ones with a cold or frost bite. Winter photo sessions are not at all a cold or miserable experience when everyone is well prepared. You can be prepared by following some of the advice below on what to wear to a winter / snow photo session or visiting my Pinterest page . I come prepared with my own warming tricks, props and the ability to streamline the photo session process, resulting in winter shoots lasting a maximum of 30 minutes.

Snowy Photo Session New Jersey Portrait Photographer Ashley Halas Photography

3. Lifestyle Options Galore!

There are so many great winter lifestyle sessions to do! From going ice skating, snowball fights and snowman building to sledding, cutting firewood or have a hot chocolate picnic.

For inspiration and ideas for lifestyle or styled and lifestyle sessions visit my Pinterest page 

Snowy Photo Session New Jersey Portrait Photographer Ashley Halas PhotographyLifestyle session snowball fight Winter Photo session Ashley Halas Photography

4. Longer Golden Hour

In the winter, the sun hangs around lower in the horizon a lot longer. This is great for us because what is normally the golden hour of sun only lasting about an hour before sunset will now become more like the golden two and a half hours, giving us more time with that perfect warm light.

Snowy Photo Session New Jersey Portrait Photographer Ashley Halas Photography

5. Snow just looks so romantic and peaceful falling around people!

What a fun date idea it would be to go out in the snow for a photo shoot! No need to propose or be expecting a child to have a fun afternoon out in the snow while having some great photographs taken. The snow is so unpredictable and sparse that it should be taken advantage of whenever possible. Continue reading for tips on how to stay warm and look great during your winter photos session!

Snowy Photo Session New Jersey Portrait Photographer Ashley Halas PhotographyHow romantic is that!?

What to Wear to your Winter / Snowy Photo Session

What you wear to a shoot is an expression of you, so you should always feel really good about what you’re choosing to wear to your session. However, here are some of my suggestions from personal experience and preference.

Dress Warm!

This is more than a suggestion because how warm you dress will determine your comfort level during your shoot.

*What I'll be wearing – knee high socks, leggings, another pair of knee high socks, warm pants such as a heavy jean or corduroy, a tank, long sleeve thermal shirt, a sweater, and finally a coat and fingerless gloves for mobility. But I’m not dressing for style, just function, so for my clients I suggest something a bit different.

Ladies if you plan to wear long pants you have many options for layers to keep your legs and core warm such a layer of thermal under pants and shirts, but as for you fearless ladies desiring to wear a skirt or dress here are some suggestions for you first.

Leggings and Tights are our Best Friends.

If you don’t already have a pair suitable for cold, go out and get yourself a good thick pair in nude or whatever color you need. I like to get a pair of ice skating tights every couple of years just because I’m a huge baby and never like to be cold in my dresses throughout the winter. I’ve found they work perfect for outdoor winter shoots so you can wear your prettiest skirt or dress and enjoy it! I like to stay extra warm by pairing them up with a pair of really cute leg warmers or knee high socks adding an extra layer and style.

Thick socks, boots, sweaters, coats and accessories are essential for keeping your core temperature up in those skirts and dresses while providing you with the opportunity to get stylish.

What to wear winter session Ashley Halas Photography

Warm Accessories

Scarfs, gloves, mittens, hats, ear bands all do their jobs well at keeping your warmth in while adding character and personality to your photos. 

Warm Props

Props can be both fun and warming! Let’s grab cups of soup, warm fresh bread, or hot chocolate with marshmellows and go for a picnic or wrap up with a loved one in a warm wool blanket. Got a fire pit? Let’s light it up and get some warmed up shots.


For obvious reasons white is not ideal for winter sessions, as you will blend in with you environment. Try to mix and match your textures and colors, remembering to avoid being too matchy-matchy, or mixing too many different ideas. I suggest choosing a simple color scheme of about 2-3 colors, one pop color with up to two neutral accent colors to build your outfits and choosing your accessorizes around those colors.  

New Jersey Engagement Phtoography What to wear winter photo session Ashley Halas Photography

Hope these ideas, suggestions, tips, and advice have helped you become inspired during this winter season and consider an outdoor winter shoot for your next portrait session : )

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