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Plum Gin Cocktail | Ashley Halas Photography

September 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This past September my husband and I treated my mother and her girlfriends to a trip to Cape Cod, MA in celebration of my mom's 59th Birthday! We spent the week eating lobster, and reminisced the many memories we made on the island as I was growing up. My mother has been in love with Cape Cod (and Walt Disney World) equally my entire life. We spent at least two weeks every summer exploring the island, walking the jetty rocks for miles and pulling over to watch random firework shows from the roof of the car. My brother and I would snatch up countless saltwater taffys even though I never ate them, yuck, every beach was a test of bravery as to who could reach the sandbar, and every meal was a new opportunity for him to bring seafood back to life! haha 

So fast forward 15 years to September 2016, we visited Truro Vineyard: 11 Shore Rd, North Truro, MA. We decided to stay for the wine tasting and vineyard tour. To my complete delight I learned that not only does Truro Vineyard produce some pretty delicious wines but also my favorite, Gin! So here we have my first Cape Cod Gin Cocktail :)  

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Plum Gin Cocktail



1/2 a fresh plum, sliced into chunks
1 sprig of rosemary
1.5 ounces gin
.5 ounce St. Germain
2 ounces and a splash of soda water
fresh rosemary sprigs
slices of plum


In a cocktail shaker, combine the plum chunks and rosemary sprig with a splash of soda water. Muddle until you begin to smell the rosemary (less muddle is more - press your muddler down and give it a few gentle twists to start.)
Add several ice cubes, gin and St. Germain to the shaker. Shake or stir vigorously. Add ice cubes to a glass, then strain shaker mixture over the ice. Garnish with plum slices and/or rosemary sprigs as desired.


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