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August 23, 2019  •  2 Comments

Gianna's Sweet 16

Hilton Garden Inn Hamilton | NJ Photographer

One of my favorite things about my job is my ability to capture the special events and milestone moments in the lives of my family and friends. So when my husbands cousin asked me to photograph her daughter's sweet 16 celebration I was thrilled! ..and let's be honest, I probably would have brought my camera and taken a few shots anyways. 

I've had to pleasure of watching Gianna grow into an absolutely beautiful young woman over the last 10+ years. Her personality could not be contained and shined so brightly through all of her images. Sixteen is such an amazing age, where you're grown enough to be treated like an adult but young enough to still have your entire life ahead of you. Hands down one of the best years of anyone's life. 

Wishing a lifetime of adventure and all the happiness a heart could bare to this gorgeous young lady.


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Virginia Prekas(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures!!!!!!!
Carol L(non-registered)
Serrano's party was beautiful she was beautiful everyone had a great and wonderful time
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