Epic Surprise Proposal Foti & Danielle | Montauk Point Lighthouse NY | Ashley Halas Photography

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Saturday August 1st, at the Montauk Point Lighthouse also known as "the end of the world"


When Foti contacted me to capture his proposal to his girlfriend Danielle I was thrilled! I've captured proposals before and know that they are just bursting with emotion, I love to document this special moment. I jumped at the opportunity and quickly learned the details of Fotis creative plan. 

He arranged a weekend getaway that included a trip to the the lighthouse, letting me know this was the perfect place to for them to recreate the popular on Instagram "follow me" shot before they would head out to dinner. Simple, sweet and so romantic.

My husband and I worked this one together, arriving 2 hours early to scout the location and get myself set up. After much anticipation I watched through the lens as they walked along the beach, my heart jumped with excitement the moment I saw him drop to one knee. These are the moments I live to capture for my clients! Her reaction was beautiful, and of course she said "yes!". As the couple shared a hug I moved in closer to catch those priceless reactions before my cover was blown. 

Below are some of my favorite images from this epic proposal. 

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